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FUMC DLC Summer Camp | Thursday's, 2:30pm | June 8 - July 27 | $125

Bethel ELC | Monday's, 11am | January 23 - April 24 | $156
Claire's Christian Day School | Friday's, 1pm | January 20 - April 14 | $145
FUMC Dallas Developmental Learning Center | Thursday's, 2:30pm | Jan. 19 - May 11 | $176
Lake Highlands Christian Child | Thursday's, 4:15pm | Jan. 19 - April 20 | $150
The Learning Tree School | Wednesday's, 11:45am | January 25 - April 26 | $152
Temple Emanu-El | Wednesday's, 1pm | On-Site Registration Only
Our Redeemer Lutheran School | Wednesday's, 3:30pm | March 22 - May 17 | $117 **REGISTRATION CLOSED**
Preston Hollow UMC CDC | Thursday's, 3pm | TBD
St. Michael Preschool | Thursday's, 12:15pm-2:45pm | On-Site Registration Only
The Weekday School at UPUMC | Monday's, 12:10pm-1:10pm | Jan. 23 - May 22 | $205 ***WAIT LIST***

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Participation in soccer can be inherently dangerous and regardless of the care taken to avoid injury, it is not possible to guarantee the safety of all participating individuals.

While playing soccer, accidents can happen. Some of these accidents may result in injury. Injuries may be minor such as bruises or scrapes Other accidents may lead to more significant injuries such as sprains, broken bones, cardiac arrest or death.

I certify that the participant: (1) possesses a sufficient degree of physical fitness to safely participate in soccer (2) understands that he/she is to stop activity if he/she feels undue pain or stress (3) acknowledge that the participant can adhere to the rules of soccer to create a safe playing environment for everyone.

I have read the preceding information and understand the risks associated with participation in Soccer Palz. I am voluntarily allowing the child mentioned (on Registration Form) to participate in the Soccer Palz program and understand that I am responsible for any medical expenses that may be involved with any injury my child may incur. This includes if we deem it necessary to contact the EMS. I hereby release Soccer Palz, it’s workers, owners, and contractors from any liability for injury, loss, or death of the participant during his/her involvement in the Soccer Palz program.


Please note: Soccer Palz does not prorate fees for missed sessions. However, if for any reason you decide to discontinue with Soccer Palz before your child’s third session, we will prorate your payment.

I have read the waiver/liability and notes. As this child's legal guardian, I agree to allow him or her to participate in Soccer Palz.

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