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Who is Soccer Palz meant for?

Soccer Palz is designed for children ages three to five years old. The curriculum provides a comfortable and fun setting to introduce children to the game of soccer and also provides an engaging environment for your child to become more comfortable for actual games if they are on a team through the Y or through their neighborhood association.

What do the weekly sessions look like?

Soccer Palz sessions run 34-45 minutes each week. Our primary goal for the season is for the children to become comfortable with the ball at their feet. In order to best achieve this, the lessons have been designed so that each child has their own ball for the majority of each practice. The structure of our sessions from week to week are consistent in an effort to provide as much opportunity for repetition as possible. We work toward this by repeating and building on basic dribbling fundamentals and passing skills, followed by a fun activity or competition so that they can apply their new skill, and finally we end by creating a fun atmosphere for each child to score a goal. Our hope is that the kids will have a lot of fun, gain self-confidence, be introduced to a team setting and experience a sense of accomplishment in the process.

What is the season schedule?

The fall season of Soccer Palz will run 10-14 weeks, beginning in September and concluding in December (see your group or school’s calendar for specific start/end dates). The winter/spring season generally begins late January or early February and runs through the beginning of May. Summer camp schedules vary by group/school. Soccer Palz accepts sign-ups by season rather than a full year.

If you have additional questions about the program, please reference our FAQ page or feel free to contact Ross or Molly at Ross@soccerpalz.com or Molly@soccerpalz.com.

Our Leadership

Ross Spencer
Soccer Palz was developed by Ross Spencer. Following Ross’ college career as a four-year starter for the SMU Mustang men’s soccer team, he moved to North Carolina to play at the professional level for the Charlotte Eagles. While in Charlotte, he had the opportunity to coach and mentor kids of all ages. He quickly realized that working with kids ages three to five years old was most enjoyable for him.

Ross says, “At this age, children are so enthusiastic and teachable. Seeing how big of an impact structured physical activity in a fun environment can have on children led me to start Soccer Palz.”

Over the past eight years, Ross has had a blast passing along his love for the game and is excited to continue sharing that passion with our community. Ross and the rest of the coaching staff will bring a great deal of energy and creativity to each session.


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