Preschool Programs

For Preschool, Child Development Center & Church Directors

If you are looking to complement your curriculum, enrichment or elective programs, or after-school program, Soccer Palz is a high caliber turn-key program that quickly adds value with no additional expense or staffing on your behalf. Soccer Palz will be held at your school or facility, on a set day and time – every week.

Our Soccer Palz preschool program has been carefully designed by Ross Spencer,  a former professional soccer player for the Charlotte Eagles, a former Division I collegiate player for SMU, and father. Age appropriate activities and games keep children interested and physically active while building confidence, coordination and encouraging values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Every week includes fun new games, an opportunity for each child to score a goal and a prize reward for participation and good behavior. The program is a perfect fit for children familiar with soccer and first-timers alike.

Parents look for opportunities to expose their children to different academic environments and Soccer Palz provides a learning opportunity that encourages exercise, new developmental skills, and an opportunity for children to experience a sense of accomplishment.

To learn more about the Soccer Palz program or to get your school started, please contact Ross or Molly Spencer at of (214) 803-8800.

If you are looking to sign up for a preschool program at your school.  Click here to visit our sign up page.



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