Where exactly are the parks for the different playgroups located?

Churchill Park: 6906 Churchill Way, Dallas, TX 75230 (Off Hillcrest Rd, north of Forest Ln)
Fairfax Park: Highland Park (Off Beverly Drive, east of the Tollway)
Harry Moss Park: 8200 Walnut Hill (Lake Highlands Area – Corner of Royal Lane & Greenville Avenue)
Lakewood Park: 7143 Williamson Road, Dallas, TX 75214
Preston Hollow Park: 6600 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75225 (Corner of Park Lane & Thackery)
Ridgewood Park: 6818 Fisher Road, Dallas, TX 75214
Smith Park: 4000 Greenbrier Drive, Dallas, TX 75225 (Off of Preston Rd. & Greenbrier Drive)
Tietze Park: 2700 Skillman Street, Dallas, TX 75214 (M-Streets area)
White Rock Trail Park: 9210 White Rock Trail, Dallas, TX 75238 (Lake Highlands Area – on White Rock Trail, south of Walnut Hill Lane – just south of Spring Branch Drive)

What does my child need to wear and bring?

Comfortable clothes and tennis shoes will work great! Cleats and shin guards are not necessary but are allowed if you would like. Please send water with your child for practice. All other equipment is provided.

If my child is already part of a soccer team, should I still sign up for Soccer Palz?

Yes, Soccer Palz is likely a good fit and would be worth your while. Many families use Soccer Palz as a way to introduce their child to the game of soccer prior to signing them up for a team. Other families use Soccer Palz as a way to help their child become more comfortable so that they can be more engaged and better equipped for games with their YMCA or neighborhood association team.

Is Soccer Palz competitive?

Soccer Palz is not designed to be competitive, however there are fun games and competitions played throughout the season to help teach and apply our new skills. These activities are meant to be fun for children who are naturally competitive and those who are not.

How many kids are generally in each group?

Minimum group size is 7 children and the maximum group size is 12-14, depending on ages. For groups larger than this, we will have two coaches.

What happens if it rains on our Soccer Palz day?

If our location has an indoor option available, we will move that session inside. If there is not an indoor option, we will notify the Director and/or parents of the cancellation and schedule a make-up day.

How long will each weekly session last?

Each weekly session will last 30-40 minutes.

When do I pay?

Soccer Palz requires that you turn in the registration form and payment prior to the first session of the season. Payment can be made via check, cash or credit card. To register online, click here. To pay by credit card, please go to our payment page at http://www.soccerpalz.com/payment

If I don’t attend the session is there a way for me to keep up so I know what my child is learning?

Yes, Soccer Palz will send out a weekly parent email recapping what we focused on that week so that you can be aware and ask your child about it.

If our school is interested in offering Soccer Palz or if I am interested in starting a private playgroup, how large of an area do we need?

We typically like to have an area of about 15 x 15 yards. Ideally, it would be an outdoor area, however certain indoor spaces will work.

I know Soccer Palz isn’t a team and is not part of a league, but will the kids play any games?

Depending on how the group is progressing, we may add short (5-7 minute) scrimmages in at the end of our sessions toward the end of the season. Some groups are ready for it, some groups aren’t. Our coaches evaluate each group and decide whether it is a good fit and use of time.

What can you tell me about the leadership of your program and your coaches?

Ross, a former Professional and Division I Collegiate player, along with his wife Molly developed and oversee the Soccer Palz curriculum and program. All coaches are personally hired and trained by Ross or Molly prior to being assigned to their Soccer Palz groups. Prior to the beginning of the season, school Directors will be introduced to the coach and will receive a brief bio as well as a copy of the coach’s background check. For private groups, background checks are available to parents upon request.

 Does Soccer Palz carry their own liability insurance?

Yes, Soccer Palz does carry liability insurance and can provide a certificate upon request.

Will Soccer Palz donate any of their services to our auction and/or make a contribution to our organization?

Yes, Soccer Palz often considers making a donation to school auctions as well as charitable contributions to your church or organization.

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