Soccer Palz is a soccer program designed specifically for children ages 3 to 5 years old. The weekly program introduces children to the basic fundamentals of soccer through 35-45 minute sessions. Each week, we creatively introduce new skills, play fun games, and give each child an opportunity to score a goal. Our curriculum has been designed to get children physically active while building confidence, developing coordination, and encouraging values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Ross Spencer, a father, a former professional soccer player for the Charlotte Eagles, and former Division I collegiate player for SMU, founded Soccer Palz and directs the preschool-age curriculum. Soccer Palz has been active in the Dallas area for over seven years and has served more than 1,500 children through local preschools, child development programs, churches and private groups.

A Dallas Soccer Program Designed for Young Children


If Soccer Palz is being held at your school, this is where you need to sign up.  Click here to find your school program. 


Sign up for a playgroup! Soccer Palz offers many playgroups throughout Dallas. Click here to join one in your neighborhood.


Gather up your playgroup and friends. Soccer Palz will come to your local park on your selected day and time each week. Click here to make a request.

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